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  • 10 vibes for Zonguldak

    like locals

    Visit the Mine Museum. It is Türkiye’s first mining museum and the tools used in mining – from the past to the present day – are exhibited, along with exhibitions on the history of coal and the working conditions of miners toiling meters below the ground.

    See the Fener (Lighthouse) Tower. This ancient lighthouse tower is atop a Roman era tumulus. It was opened to the public in the 1980s. The burial chamber and cut-stone blocks are solid and standing.

    Spend time on the Zonguldak coast. The Zonguldak coast is one of the most beautiful destinations in Türkiye. You can enjoy a lovely time – take a walk or sit in a café with a tea, watching the sea and spending time together with the local people of the city.

    Touch the Monumental Trees. If you visit the Varagel Tunnel, you should prefer to go on foot. You can have an enjoyable walk under the shade of monumental trees, each of which is at least 200 years old, on a road that could be described as a monumental tree tunnel.

    Pass through the Varagel (Cableway) Tunnel. As a symbol of Zonguldak, this Tunnel was formerly used as a cableway by the Turkish Hard Coal Authority. The Varagel (cableway) expresses the transport location using brakes and ropes on a sloping surface on a reciprocal weight basis, which allows the empty vehicle to go up as the loaded vehicle goes down. The tunnel is one of the most beautiful spots in Zonguldak.

    Learn the story of the Church Cave. This natural cave was used as a sanctuary for worship in the Roman and Byzantine periods. Since Christianity was not officially accepted by the Roman Empire at its beginning, the early Christians used to worship in this cave secretly.

    Listen to the legend of the Herkül Cave. According to mythology, Hercules (Herkül) came here during the legendary Argonaut Campaign in BCE 1200 and, in this cave, performed the most difficult of the 12 tasks ordered by King Eurystheus.

    Visit the Black Sea Ereğli Museum. Built on the foundation of an old church, the mansion features antique spolia decoration collected from Roman Period structures in the area. In addition to the archaeological remains found in Ereğli and its environs, the museum also exhibits ethnographic artifacts unique to the region.

    Explore Filyos Castle. The castle, believed to have been built by the Romans, was established on a promontory overlooking the sea. Enormous stones were used in the castle’s construction. Ramparts from the medieval era and the remains of a tower dating from the Hellenistic Roman Period are present.

    Taste Uğmaç Soup. This soup, cooked using only flour, water and milk, is not only very tasty and filling, but is also one of the most famous dishes of Zonguldak.