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    Mancar Sarması

    Mancar Sarması (Stuffed mancar) is made from kale. Different cities feature different varieties of the dish, depending on the cooking method and types of ingredients available. In Zonguldak, the specialty is Mancar Sarması, prepared with kale and topped with tomato paste sauce.


    Both delicious and nutritious, this dish is an important local delicacy in the city. Cornflour is boiled in water until it becomes semi-solid. Granulated sugar, crushed walnuts and melted hot butter or molasses are then added.

    White Baklava

    Baklava may be Türkiye’s most preferred dessert in any city. In Zonguldak, local bakers add their own touches to this wonderful pastry, and white baklava is considered an important asset. It is much lighter in colour compared to traditional baklava, as it is not baked as long. As well, the differences in the ingredients white baklava cause the lighter colour.

    The Ottoman Strawberry

    Smaller and sweeter than regular strawberry varieties, this unique strawberry has a delicate pink colour and a beautiful fragrance. The berry is oval-shaped and medium sized. It is harvested in the first half of June.