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    Devrek Canes

    The Devrek canes (Devrek bastonları) are made with wood from many different trees: cranberry, maple, white alder, walnut, pine, rose, medlar, plane, beech, hazelnut, oak, cherry and yew. Wood used in cane production is dried for a year; the heat treatment makes the wood more malleable.  

    The twist and snake figures are the most frequently used on the traditional Devrek canes. You can still find these famous and original canes in the Devrek district.

    Elpek Cloth

    With a history that dates to antiquity, linen weaving became widespread in the region under the influence of the Phrygians, an important civilization in ancient times. However, as noted by Katip Çelebi in his famous work Cihannüma, the region obtained its reputation for weaving from its sail cloth, produced for the Ottoman Navy. Elpek cloth (Elpek bezi) was produced for hundreds of years from the flax fibre, once an agricultural product of the Western Black Sea region. The cloth –known as elpek in Ereğli, pelmet in Çaycuma, and çözme bez in other settlements – was woven with linen and cotton yarn on hand looms called düzen. Now mostly used in the garment business, this durable cloth is known for keeping the body’s temperature stable in winter and cool in summer. Today, the cloth is decorated with local embroidery and can be found in the form of vests, blouses, bags, and other souvenirs.

    Miner Figurines

    Zonguldak’s 180-year-old history of coal mining is reflected in the various gift products available in the city. In particular, figures of miners draw attention. Produced in various sizes and materials, these figures are the most popular souvenirs for visitors to the city.