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  • Zonguldak GoTürkiye

    Zonguldak is in the Western Black Sea Region, which extends to the coasts of the Black Sea from the west and north. The city has a wet climate and 52% of its land is covered by forests.

    In addition to lush green nature, Zonguldak has a deep-rooted history. Settlement in area can be traced back to the various tribes of the Phrygians. The city, where important commercial ports were established, was dominated by the Persians until BCE 334, after which the city was seized by the Macedonians; however, as the result of a rebellion by the local people, the city was liberated and gained independent management (Kingdom of Bithynia). Zonguldak, dominated by the same states dominating Anatolia over the years, came fully under the rule of the Ottoman Empire after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Amasra in 1460.

    In 1848, the first coal mines were established in the region, which gained importance after the discovery of hard coal in 1829. Furthermore, Zonguldak was established on April 1, 1924 – the first province established after the Republic.

    With a green canopy that covers more than half of the city land, both needleleaf and broadleaf trees enhance the nature of Zonguldak. In summer, these areas host activities such as trekking, photo safaris, line fishing and hunting; as well, they provide habitats for wildlife.